61 Incredibly Fun Facts About Money I Bet You Didn’t Know


I really like cash. I really like the odor of it. I really like the texture of it as I swim round in it à la Scrooge McDuck.

OK, I don’t roll round in it. It’s filthy. Belief me. You’ll be taught this shortly.

However I actually do get pleasure from cash. I really like studying about it too.

Every so often, I re-watch The Simpsons trillion greenback invoice episode. It’s simply my favourite.

Whereas the story is fictional, it made me contemplate, “What are some enjoyable info about cash that might be fascinating to study?”

After burning the midnight oil and studying by way of the National Archives, I’ve the next cash info I do know you’ll get pleasure from.

61 Enjoyable Information About Cash

#1. One invoice weighs 1 gram, and 454 payments equal one pound.

fun money facts

This implies when you have $1 million in singles, it could weigh over 1 ton!

A suitcase of $1 million in $100 payments weighs over 20 kilos!

Talking of $100 payments, near 80% of the U.S. foreign money is in $100 payments.

The odd factor is I hardly ever see a $100 invoice, to not point out most locations I am going to have indicators saying they not settle for them.

#2. The Federal Reserve is lacking 2/3 of the $100 payments they printed.

They counted up all the $100 payments in banks, money registers, and so on., and located that just about 2/3 of the $100 payments are unaccounted for.

In different phrases, they’re most certainly abroad.

Conspiracy theorists are on the case and blaming The Illuminati!

#3. Probably the most counterfeited denomination is the $20 invoice.

counterfeit money

The subsequent most counterfeited invoice is the $100 invoice.

The U.S. $100 invoice is probably the most steadily counterfeited in overseas nations.

And since we’re on the subject of counterfeiting, based on the Coinage Act of 1972, counterfeiting by Mint workers is punishable by demise.

#4. North Korea is the biggest counterfeiter.

North Korea has mastered the artwork of counterfeiting U.S. foreign money, specializing in an ideal reproduction of our $50 and $100 payments.

Their fakes are so spectacular that they’re known as “superdollars” and require specialised gear on the Federal Reserve to be detected.

As of 2009, authorities have recognized an estimated $45 million value of those pretend payments.

#5. Emerich Juettner was a professional at counterfeiting.

Truly, he was horrible at counterfeiting however sensible in how and when he spent his pretend payments.

He labored his rip-off by counterfeiting $1 payments and made simply sufficient to outlive.

Because of this, it took the U.S. Secret Service 10 years to catch him.

And once they did, he solely spent 4 months in jail.

The most effective a part of this cash reality is that a film was made about Emerich Juettner and his counterfeiting methods, making him greater than he made out of counterfeiting.

#6. The everyday lifespan of a $1 invoice is simply 18 months.

The lifespan of a $100 invoice is near 9 years. And also you thought canines aged quick!

Here’s a complete breakdown:

  • $1 invoice: 18 months
  • $5 invoice: 2 years
  • $10 invoice: 3 years
  • $20 invoice: 4 years
  • $50 invoice: 9 years
  • $100 invoice: 9 years
  • Cash: 30 years

#7. You can also make your worn out cash crisp once more.

Earlier than a invoice tears, it takes about 4,000 double folds (first ahead after which backward).

You’ll be able to restore the life of your bill somewhat by ironing it.

Or you may put it within the microwave for round 20 seconds.

Nevertheless, I’d be too scared to attempt. With my luck, my money would go up in flames.

#8. Cash is recycled when worn out.

Worn out cash are melted down and used to make new cash.

Worn out payments are shredded, recycled, after which made into roof shingles or hearth logs.

So the following time you purchase a type of starter logs on your hearth, you can be burning cash!

#9. Money is soiled.

We’ve all heard how soiled cash is and the way there are traces of cocaine on 90% of greenback payments.

However do you know that paper money is dirtier than a family rest room?

How about the truth that the flu virus can dwell on a invoice for as much as 17 days?

Word to self, cease placing cash in your mouth when in a rush on the checkout line!

#10. The creation of the Secret Service was to struggle counterfeiting.

In July 1865, Congress created the U.S. Secret Service to struggle counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting was an enormous downside again then.

By the top of the Civil Conflict, between 1/3 and 1/2 of all U.S. paper foreign money in circulation was counterfeit.

#11. Earlier than the Federal Reserve in 1913, every financial institution printed its personal cash.

burning money

Oh, to be a financial institution worker in 1910! I’d have fits made out of $100 payments.

No surprise the wealthy would gentle their cigars with $100s!

#12. Germans used cash as wallpaper.

After World Conflict I, hyperinflation wreaked havoc on the German foreign money, inflicting it to lose virtually all of its worth.

Because of this, individuals would give cash to youngsters to play with, and many individuals used it as wallpaper.

#13. Transfer to Zimbabwe to be a billionaire in a single day.

Across the begin of the 2000s, Zimbabwe skilled hyperinflation that peaked in 2008.

Simply how unhealthy was the hyperinflation?

At its peak, a single U.S. Greenback was value 2,621,984,228 Zimbabwe {Dollars}.

So if you happen to had only a $1 invoice and moved to Zimbabwe, you’ll be a billionaire.

Sadly, a loaf of bread prices 10,487,936,912 Zimbabwe {Dollars}.

#14. Solely 8% of the world’s foreign money is precise bodily cash.

No, the remainder isn’t Bitcoin.

Most transactions are digital, so no bodily foreign money exchanges fingers.

Take into consideration how typically you pay for issues together with your credit score or debit card or on-line utilizing PayPal.

For this reason solely 8% of foreign money is bodily foreign money.

#15. Machines print extra monopoly cash in a given yr than cash in your entire world.

monopoly money

How loopy is that?

I’m wondering why Rich Uncle Pennybags is rarely on the Forbes Billionaires Listing?

#16. Talking of printing cash, the U.S. prints paper money at two services.

The USA Bureau of Engraving and Printing (additionally referred to as the “Money Factory“) has two lively services from which it prints cash at present.

Mixed, these two services use an astounding 9.7 tons of ink every day.

I need to know which firm they purchase the ink from so I can put money into it!

#17. The ink used to print cash is high-tech.

So excessive tech that it has trackable, magnetic, and color-changing properties.

My query is, why can’t I get my fingers on color-changing ink?

That may spruce up the assembly experiences I’ve to print out at my enterprise!

#18. The blue ribbon in $100 payments dances.

The blue ribbon woven by way of the brand new hundred greenback invoice comprises hundreds of microlenses that give the looks of the Liberty Bell dancing.

#19. Cash engravers are extremely expert.

Not solely do cash engravers work with unbelievable precision, however in addition they should illustrate backward.

The designs they minimize into the plates are the mirror picture of what it’s going to appear like when printed.

Assume this job sounds enjoyable? It takes shut to fifteen years of coaching to turn into an engraver.

#20. The U.S. as soon as made a $100,000 invoice.

The biggest invoice ever produced (no, not the trillion greenback invoice) was the $100,000 gold certificates.

It was used as an accounting machine between federal reserve banks and never for most of the people.

#21. Martha Washington is the one lady to look on a U.S. foreign money notice.

Her picture appeared on the $1 Silver Certificates beginning in 1886.

It was discontinued in 1957 and was the second-longest issued paper cash.

She was on paper payments again in 1886, 1891, and 1896.

No lady is featured on paper payments at present.

However girls have been featured on cash a number of instances.

#22. The primary gold rush was in North Carolina.

gold nuggets

Most individuals assume the primary gold rush was in 1849 in California.

However in 1799, a 12-year-old boy discovered a 17-pound gold nugget on his household’s farm.

Phrase unfold quick, and the gold rush quickly adopted.

And to think about all of the digging I did as a child, all I discovered have been rocks and grime.

#23. Secret designs on the $1 invoice hyperlink it to the unique 13 colonies.

If you happen to look carefully on the $1 invoice, you’ll discover a couple of fascinating issues tied to the quantity 13, a reference to the unique 13 colonies.

Keep in mind these bizarre cash info the following time monetary trivia comes up at trivia night time.

  • 13 totally different representations of the quantity 13 on the invoice.
  • 13 steps on the pyramid.
  • 13 vertical bars on the defend.
  • 13 horizontal stripes on the highest of the defend.
  • 13 stars above the eagle.
  • 13 leaves and berries on the olive department in one of many eagle’s talons, and on its different, there are 13 arrows.
  • On the entrance of the invoice, on the Division of Treasury seal, there are 13 stars above the important thing.

#24. All 50 states are throughout the highest of the Lincoln Memorial on the again of a $5 invoice.

I didn’t imagine this once I learn it.

However then I checked it out, and all 50 states are listed.

To learn them, you’re going to want a magnifying glass.

#25. Over 60 communities all through the U.S. have their very own native foreign money.

Whereas each place within the U.S. will settle for U.S. foreign money, some locations have their very own cash.

And you may solely use this cash in these communities.

Walt Disney World is one such place. Here is a list of the others,

#26. Apple makes on common over $163 million a day.

If you happen to do the maths, that involves $1 million each eight minutes.

So by the point you end studying this text, Apple had remodeled $2 million!

#27. Quarters and dimes have ridges as a result of individuals used to “shave” the perimeters of the cash once they have been pure steel.

Retailers needed to weigh the cash to make sure they acquired unshaved cash.

Previously, individuals would shave the coin faces and promote the dear metals.

The ridges made it virtually not possible to shave them.

The cash nonetheless have ridges at present, despite the fact that they don’t include any pure steel.

The rationale?

So visually impaired individuals can distinguish between them simpler.

#28. Pennies in your backyard deter pests.

Pennies buried in a backyard will repel slugs, which get electrical shocks from touching copper and zinc.

#29. One penny prices extra to fabricate than it’s value.

It prices the federal government roughly $0.02 to make a single penny.

No surprise we’re in debt!

#30. Unfastened change actually does add up.

In 2015 the TSA collected $765,759.15 in loose change at airport safety checkpoints throughout the nation.

This proves you need to obtain the free Qapital app and make the most of your free change.

Qapital: Making Rounding Up Money Easy

And if you happen to have been questioning what occurred to the free change the TSA collected, they saved all of it.

#31. The common individual has $56 of free change of their home.

loose change

Apart from the sofa, I don’t know the place this free change is hiding, however apparently, it’s there.

My query is, how did they full this analysis research?

Did they assign individuals to enter individuals’s houses and dig round?

In that case, there should be different fascinating research of different random issues they discovered.

#32. The common allowance is now $120 a month.

You learn that proper.

Lengthy gone are the times of getting $5 for an allowance.

According to a survey, youngsters at present get near $1,500 a yr from an allowance.

If I have been a child at present, I’d be investing that money so I might retire by the point I hit 40!

#33. Curious the place piggy banks originated from?

In Outdated English, “pygg” was clay used to make jars and dishes that held cash.

Over the generations, the phrase finally morphed into “piggy financial institution.”

#34. There are ATMs on each continent on Earth.

There are over 1.6 million ATMs worldwide, even one in Antarctica.

Why there may be an ATM in Antarctica beats me.

The final time I checked, there weren’t any retail procuring facilities.

When are ATMs used most?

Friday is the preferred day on the ATM.

Right here is one other enjoyable banking reality. The common quantity individuals withdraw is $80.

#35. Greater than half of lottery tickets bought are purchased by 5% of individuals. 

Whereas it’s enjoyable to play the lottery on occasion and dream of a life with $200 million, the fact is we barely have an opportunity of profitable.

Somebody wants to inform this 5% of those that they might be doing significantly better financially in the event that they merely invested the money they used to purchase lottery tickets.

#36. Ladies who wait to marry earn extra.

A study discovered that faculty educated girls who wait till age 30 or older to marry earn more cash than those that marry younger.

The common distinction is over $18,000 a yr.

Specialists say that marrying youthful means beginning a household earlier and lacking out on years of earnings and potential raises at work.

#37. The lottery kills you.

lottery tickets

Sticking with the lottery, an individual who drives 10 miles to purchase a lottery ticket is thrice extra prone to die in a automotive accident whereas driving to purchase the ticket than in profitable the lottery.

Simply another excuse why you’re higher off saving and investing as a substitute.

#38. Pablo Escobar spent $2,500 a month on rubber bands.

How about that cash reality?

When his drug cartel was booming, they spent $2,500 a month to carry all of the bricks of money collectively.

#39. Rats wish to eat cash.

And if that final cash reality wasn’t loopy sufficient for you, how about this one?

Pablo Escobar had a lot cash in his warehouse that rats ate roughly $1 billion, which didn’t matter.

It should be good to lose that amount of cash and never care.

#40. A coin as soon as bought for over $40 million {dollars}.

The 1913 Liberty Head nickel bought for $43.7 million.

It’s a uncommon coin made by a rogue Mint worker.

There are solely 5 recognized to be in existence.

And whereas we’re on uncommon cash, listed here are the 5 rarest cash.

  • 1849 Double Eagle: No 1849 Double Eagles have been for circulation, and solely two proof variations of the coin exist. One of many cash is part of the Nationwide Numismatic Assortment on the Smithsonian Establishment. Then-Treasury Secretary William M. Meredith owned a second coin, and his property bought it after his passing. The current location of this coin stays unknown. If this coin ever surfaced, it could rapidly promote for greater than $10 million.
  • 1804 Draped Bust Silver Greenback: This was probably the most beneficial U.S. cash till the sale of the 1933 Double Eagle in 2002. As a result of they used dies till they wore out, many of the silver {dollars} minted in 1804 have been dated 1803. Solely eight examples of the 1804 coin are recognized to exist.
  • 1776 Continental Greenback: In 1776, the Revolutionary Conflict was underway. The U.S. needed to point out its independence by producing its personal foreign money. The thought was to mint the cash in silver, however the U.S. couldn’t safe a mortgage for the steel. As a substitute, the U.S. used pewter alloy to mint the cash. Extremely desired, the cash had no intrinsic worth. 
  • 1880 $4 Stella (coiled hair): The Stella was considered one of many proposals made to Congress for a world commerce coin, with a face worth of $4 to match the worth of the Spanish 20-paseta, Dutch 8-florin, Austrian 8-florin, Italian 20-lire, and French 20-franc items. Only a few of the cash have been minted and given to members of the U.S. Congress. Finally, among the cash later turned up at space brothels. A Proof 66 instance bought at public sale in 2005 for $977,500.
  • 1915-S Pan-Pac $50: These giant $50 “slugs” weigh almost 2.5 ounces of gold. They have been minted in 1915 to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal in each spherical and octagonal varieties. The spherical points have a surviving inhabitants of 483 and the octagonal at 645 cash. These cash bought on the exposition for $100 every, however at present’s worth is over six figures for one in gem situation.

If you wish to see when you have any beneficial money, here’s a record of uncommon greenback payments and beneficial cash.

Some are so frequent you may need them in your pocket proper now!

#41. There are 293 methods to make change for $1.

I spent quarter-hour brainstorming other ways once I discovered this enjoyable reality.

I discovered 57, then received drained.

I’m positive there’s a web site on the market that allows you to plug within the data, and it’ll let you know all 293 methods.

#42. In case you have $10 in your pocket and no debt, you’re wealthier than 25% of Individuals.

In different phrases, you’re wealthier than near 81 million individuals.

I don’t even know what to say about this.

#43. Salmon P. Chase is the primary individual to look on paper cash.

Who’s Salmon P. Chase?

I didn’t know both, so I appeared him up and located extra fascinating info.

He served because the twenty fifth Secretary of the Treasury, was the sixth chief justice within the Supreme Court docket, and was the governor of Ohio.

Not all on the identical time. That may be unbelievable.

He is among the few individuals serving in all three federal authorities branches.

#44. Paper payments aren’t paper.

cotton flowers

It’s a mix of cotton and linen, 75% cotton and 25% linen, to be precise.

In Benjamin Franklin’s time, individuals would restore torn payments utilizing a needle and thread.

#45. The penny is the one coin the place the determine faces proper.

Take a look at all of the cash, and I problem you to search out one other one which has the determine face proper.

Solely President Lincoln is trying proper.

All different figures are going through left.

#46. The $10 Invoice is the one paper notice the place the determine faces left.

Andrew Jackson on the $10 invoice is the one determine to face left.

All different portraits have the determine face to the precise.

#47. A Delaware farm mulches greater than 4 tons of worn-out U.S. money into compost every day.

Previously, this worn out money can be burned.

However now, it’s recycled and was wealthy compost to assist fertilize vegetation.

As unbelievable as that is, I nonetheless can’t recover from the truth that 4 tons of money are was trash every day.

#48. Early Romans used salt as a type of cash.

Since refrigeration wasn’t a factor, Romans used salt to protect meals.

The phrase “wage” is derived from “sal,” which suggests “salt” in Latin.

#49. Queen Elizabeth II seems on probably the most cash.

She has appeared in 15 banknotes since her childhood.

She was featured on Canada’s $20 invoice when she was eight years outdated.

At present, she seems on 33 totally different currencies all world wide.

#50. The playing trade earned $61 billion in income final yr, greater than Netflix and Disney Plus mixed.


There is no such thing as a slowing down within the playing trade.

Final yr noticed report income for the trade, and sports activities betting continues to develop in dimension.

For comparability, the music trade introduced in $28.8 billion, the film trade earned $36.8 billion, and amusement parks earned $42.6 billion.

#51. Extra individuals take into consideration and fantasize about cash than intercourse.

A latest research exhibits that most individuals assume extra about cash than intercourse.

Intercourse ranks within the decrease 33% for most individuals, coming in behind ideas of labor, holidays, and well being.

#52. Solely 2 Non-Presidents seem on U.S. foreign money.

Benjamin Franklin, on the $100 greenback invoice, and Andrew Jackson, on the $10 greenback invoice, are the one non-presidents on U.S. foreign money.

There have been different essential historic figures on foreign money prior to now, however none are at present in circulation.

#53. No residing individual can seem on U.S. foreign money.

When researching enjoyable cash info, I stumbled upon this largely unknown one.

In 1866, Congress handed a regulation stating that no residing individual might seem on foreign money.

Why this rule?

Apparently, through the Civil Conflict, individuals started to horde silver and gold cash, which resulted in a coin scarcity.

The Treasury issued new paper cash in numerous denominations, together with a five-cent notice.

Congress requested that William Clark of Lewis & Clark be on the cash on the printing situation of this notice.

However when the request landed on the desk of Nationwide Foreign money Bureau superintendent Spencer M. Clark, it solely mentioned ‘Clark.’

So the superintendent put his personal face on the invoice.

Because of this, Congress handed a regulation saying no residing individual can seem on foreign money.

#54. To forestall counterfeiting, the U.S. Mint makes use of inexperienced ink.

Again within the day, earlier than shade ink was in style, individuals have been counterfeiting foreign money by taking footage of cash and printing it out.

However cameras solely printed in black and white.

Since inexperienced ink made it close to not possible to counterfeit, it’s the major shade.

Inexperienced ink continues for use as know-how adjustments as a result of the U.S. had a lot of it in inventory.

#55. Paper receipts have been the beginning of paper foreign money.

Pile of Receipts

Traditionally, cash was coin based mostly, with greenback payments being extraordinarily uncommon.

However within the 1700s, goldsmiths began to present individuals paper receipts for his or her gold.

This led to the usage of paper as a type of cash, backed by gold, often called the gold commonplace.

You may take your paper cash into any financial institution and trade it for its worth in gold.

This lasted till 1971, when President Nixon took the U.S. off the gold commonplace.

Now U.S. foreign money is named fiat foreign money and is backed by the federal government.

In different phrases, a $100 invoice is just beneficial as a result of everybody agrees it has worth.

  • Learn now: Listed below are the perfect documentaries about cash

#56. The primary paper cash was issued in 1690.

Whereas paper cash was uncommon then, the Massachusetts Bay Colony launched the primary paper cash.

The cash financed a army expedition to Canada, and the cash was within the type of payments of credit score.

#57. The USA as soon as had 8,000 totally different varieties of cash.

Earlier than the Civil Conflict, every native jurisdiction was allowed to print its personal cash.

Because of this, there was a special foreign money in every single place you went.

It wasn’t till the institution of the Federal Reserve {that a} single type of foreign money took over.

#58. The Structure solely allowed the federal government to situation cash.

The U.S. Structure, in Article One, provides the federal authorities to coin cash and says nothing about paper cash.

The rationale for this was through the American Revolution, paper cash grew to become nugatory.

Religion in paper cash dropped so low that the founding fathers solely allowed coin-based foreign money.

#59. International cash have been authorized tender in the US.

The U.S. lacked an ample provide of gold earlier than its discovery within the West within the center 1800s.

Due to this, overseas cash have been a part of the financial system and might be used to purchase items.

#60. Tea bricks have been the usage of foreign money by some individuals.

The nomads of Siberia and Mongolia used tea bricks as a foreign money.

Not solely might they be used to purchase issues, however they have been eaten as meals or brewed to make tea.

#61. The common American spends $27 yearly on the merchandising machine.

I attempted to see if I used to be above or beneath the typical.

I don’t use merchandising machines typically, however the costs for drinks are so excessive that I nonetheless could be round common.

Listed below are a couple of different fascinating info about merchandising machines and cash.

  • The U.S. has probably the most merchandising machines, with 6.9 million
  • The common merchandising machine makes $75 each week
  • In Japan, as you insert cash into the machine, inexperienced lights gentle up, telling you what objects you’ve sufficient money to purchase

Last Ideas

So there you’ve a handful of fascinating and enjoyable info about cash.

I hope you favored them.

Simply make sure you try to keep in mind a few of them, so if you find yourself at Quizzo night time, and monetary trivia comes up, you may rating factors.

In all seriousness, I get pleasure from cash as a result of it provides me choices in life.

While you keep out of debt and construct your financial savings, you may take an unbelievable trip, work a job you like whatever the wage, and even retire early.

I used to be in a position to take a job I really like due to the liberty constructing wealth presents.

In 2013 I left my job and commenced to weblog full-time.

Cash actually can open up many doorways for you. Simply don’t let cash management your life and the selections you make.

Use it that will help you get probably the most out of life.

You try this first by avoiding debt in any respect prices.

You additionally must arrange a price range to know the place your earnings goes.

It will aid you save as a lot as you may every month.

Lastly, it’s good to make investments, as investing will develop your wealth and open up extra doorways in life.

Listed below are some nice articles that will help you get began.

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